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Caius Cassius

Elizabethan Times
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Caius Cassius was one of the conspirators against Julius Caesar.  He persuaded Brutus to go against Caesar for the better of Rome.  Although older and wiser than Brutus, Cassius lets Brutus make most of the large decisions.  Cassius was insecure about situations, and if something looked like it was going wrong, Cassius was the first to think of killing himself.  In the end of Julius Caesar, Cassius requested to be killed because it looked like his army was going to be captured.

In the photo above, it shows Antony's famous speech following Caersar's dealth.  Cassius disagreed with Brutus when he told Antony he could speak at Caesar's funeral, but he let Brutus have his way.  Antony spoke after Brutus, and convinced the commoners that Brutus and Cassius deserved to be killed.  Cassius formed an army and went after Cassius.

"So i am free.  Yet not so have been, durst i have done my will.  O Cassius, far from this country Pindarus shall run, where never a Roman shall take not of him."
~ Pindarus (act 5-3) after killing Cassius