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Caius Cassius

About Cassius

Elizabethan Times
About Cassius
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Some of Caius Cassius's Qualities

"Have not you love enough to bear with me when that rash humor that my mother gave me makes me forgetful?"
Although insecure and willing to give up, Cassius has a slight temper.  Brutus and Cassius get into a fight about what to do with their armies when Antony is attacking them with his forces.  Cassius got angry at Brutus for disagreeing with his strategy.  However, Cassius quick to apoligize and let Brutus do what he thought was right.  This shows that Cassius is regretful and lets his opinions be heard, but never tries to make them be put into effect.  Cassius is old and wise, and should be making the decisions.  Every decision the Brutus made that Cassius objected with ended badly, and even fatally.  For example, if Brutus let Cassius decide where their army was going to go, they may have won the war against Antony who was fighting on behalf of Caesar. 

Cassius has the ability to be very smart and crafty.  When he is trying to convince Brutus go kill Caesar, he uses tricks that he knows will turn Brutus on to his plan.
"And it is ver lamented, Brutus, that you have no such mirrors as will turn your hidden worthiness into your eye that you might see your shadow.  I have heard where many of the best respect in Rome, except immortal Caesar, speaking of Brutus and groaning under the age's yoke, have wished that noble brutus have his eyes."
In the above quote, Cassius is using his wit and knowlage of Brutus to convince him to overthrow Caesar.  Cassius knew that Brutus would like to be told how great he was and that the people of Rome thought he could do a better job than Caesar.  Cassius convinced Brutus to kill Caesar by telling him these wonderfull things, then writing fake notes to Brutus from the people of Rome telling him how good a ruler he would be.  Brutus gave in to Cassius and his tricks, and killed Caesar and attempt to take over Rome.

"et tu, brute? Then fall Caesar"

The Murder of Julius Caesar

The killing of Julius Caesar took place on the Ides of March.  After declining a request to free Metellus Cimber's brother from banishment,   Cinna was the first to stab Caesar, and Brutus was the last.  After Caesar's death, Brutus and Cassius took over rule of Rome, until Antony turned the commoners against them to start war.