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Caius Cassius

Cassius's Role in Julius Caesar

Elizabethan Times
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Cassius's Role in Julius Caesar
Reference: Ancient Rome
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The major parts Cassius played in Julius Caesar

Cassius played a major role in Julius Caesar from the beginning.  First, he convinces Brutus to join his conspiracy to kill Caesar.  He helps plan the stabbing of Caesar and the take over of Rome.  After Caesar was dead, he suggested that Antony not speak at Caesar's funeral, but much to his dismay, Brutus let Antony speak, and Antony turned the commoners against them.  Cassius and Brutus fled, and formed an army to fight the enemies that were gained after Antony's speech.  As Antony's troops approached, Cassius suggested that their troops stay at their base, but Brutus demanded they march to Philippi and meet Antony's troops.  As usual, Cassius let Brutus have his way, and it resulted in the takeover of their troops.  Cassius sent his friend Titinius to find out if the oncomming soldiers were friends or enimies.  When Cassius saw Titinius surrounded by soldiers, he thought the worst, and had a prisoner stab him.  The news was good, the soldiers were not enemies, but Cassius killed himself before he knew for sure.  Because Cassius killed himself, Brutus also requseted his servants to stab him, giving victory to Antony.