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Caius Cassius

Elizabethan Times
Elizabethan Times
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Elizabethan Times

Shakespeare, the author of Julius Caesar lived in a time era called the Elizabethan times.  Men were dominent, and plays was the main form of entertainment. There was little sanitation, and plagues were common.  The women had few rights, and gossiping was looked down upon. 
SUPERSTITIONS: They believed that if some one sneezed and you didn't say "bless you" the devil would enter your body.
The Shakespearan theaters had seates on the stage, and if the audience was unsatisfied with the play, they would throw food at the actors.  This was the cause of the actors' improvisation.  If they saw the audience was not satisfied, they would change the play.
Crimes in Elizabethan times was responded to by forms of torture.  People were dragged, whipped, and publicly humiliated for crimes they preformed.  Another large form of entertainment was public exicusions.