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Caius Cassius


Elizabethan Times
About Cassius
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Cassius's Role in Julius Caesar
Reference: Ancient Rome
main characters that influenced Julius Caesar


Shakespeare was said to be born on April 23, and grew up on Henley Street in London.  He frequently attended church and Elizabethan Theatrical productions.  Around the age of eleven, Shakespeare attended Stratford grammar school where he studied Latin literature and history, and acting.  In 1582, at the age of eighteen he married Anne Hathaway.  The first few years of his marriage was spent working at The Globe Theatre while writing plays and poems in his spare time.  In 1593, the plauge swept over London, and theatres were shut down for large spans of time.  During these times, Shakespeare spend his time writing plays and sonnets.  Shakespeare gathered a group of actors and the called themselves The King's Men.  They preformed many of Shakespeare's plays.  Few of Shakespeare's plays were published in his lifetime, most were published after his death.  First Folio was his first collection of six plays that were published.  It was about 900 pages and took about two years to write.  Under the favor of the court, The King's Men became the main group of actors to preform.  Shakespeare published 154 sonnets, tragedies (including Julius Caesar), comedies, and histories that are well known still today.  Shakespeare died in 1616.