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Caius Cassius

Reference: Ancient Rome

Elizabethan Times
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Reference: Ancient Rome
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Ancient Roman for your reference

Julius Caesar took place in ancient Rome.  A large part of Rome was its armies.  Armies were based mostly on legions, which were large of 4,000 to 6,000 men.  The leader was always refered to as legatus.  Weapons included mostly javelins and swords.  Armies were cautious about their camps.  They could not stay one night without securing themselves by digging trenches and traps.  Armies went to battle in orderly column-like structures.  Romans wore tunics, togas, and sandals.  Gender and class seperated the styles of the togas and tunics.  Jewelery represented status.  Entertainment was held in structures such as the Colosseum.  Fights and plays were preformed on a floor, while thousands of seats surrounded the actors and fighters from above the stage.  The strongest and most powerful men ruled under a dictatorship-like rule.