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Caius Cassius

main characters that influenced Julius Caesar
Elizabethan Times
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Cassius's Role in Julius Caesar
Reference: Ancient Rome
main characters that influenced Julius Caesar


Julius Caesar was the ruler of Rome.  He was inconfident wth himself and cared what the public thought.  The public loved and respected him.  Cassius convinced Brutus to kill Caesar for the better of Rome.
Brutus was easily swayed by Cassius's words.  Cassius convinced Brutus that killing Caesar and taking over rule was for the better of Rome.  Brutus listened to him, caring more about ruling and helping Rome than killing his close friend.  When Brutus became ruler, he became increasingly more confident and demanding.  He bacame the person that Caesar was, and the person he said he never would be.  Brutus killed himself after finding Cassius dead.
Antony was Caesar's biggest follower.  He never betrayed Caesar, even after he died.  Antony spoke at Caesar's funeral, and turned the public against Brutus and Cassius.  He formed armies to fight against Brutus and Cassius.  Antony's armies won after both Brutus and Cassius killed themselves.